About the MFA

The Mastine Family Association (MFA) is an association having its identity in that members of the Mastine family have chosen to associate themselves with one another, for social, historical, and genealogical purposes, as follows:

To foster interest in the Mastine family and its history;

To encourage and assist in the preservation, conservation, distribution, and display of family documents, artifacts, and property;

To promote and encourage the fraternization of family members and their interests;

To receive gifts, donations, bequests, and to administer that which has been received; and

To promote involvement in the MFA through the sale of memberships.

Mastine Family Association Executive  Committee Members 

Donna Mastine   President & Secretary     

Hazel Pezzi     Vice-President         

Marion Beard      (treasurer      

Elizabeth Mastine  (corresponding secretary)       

Craig Dewar (Past President)        
Jacob Morin

Raymond (Donald) Mastine 

Ron Mastine                    


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