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It was a time of change, a mix of fear and of hope covered the world of the early eighteen hundreds. Young men left their parents and vocations to become soldiers of the great powers of the time. England and France continued on a global struggle over their colonial territories. The adventurous and the disgruntled left their homelands to settle and to carve out a new life in distant lands. It was at this time that a young shoemaker from the district of Bunden in Switzerland joined a pan-European military force, the Regiment de Meuron in Limington on May 10, 1813.
Sylvestre Forest Morstein had reached adulthood in a very divided and warring Europe.
Under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French had begun a conquest of Europe. The Austrians were defeated in 1796 and by 1800, Napoleon had taken over the French government and established his control over Italy and Egypt. Napoleon became Emperor in 1804 and turned his efforts towards Russia.
The British had established under a single monarchy, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by 1801. They continued to be a thorn in Napoleon's side by aiding his resistance and thwarting his allies. In 1805 Lord Nelson's British fleet defeated the combined Spanish-French fleets in the Battle of Trafalgar. However, on land, Napoleon was more successful against the Russians until his ambition led him to attempt a full-scale invasion in 1812.

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Sylvestre Forst Morstein born c.1783, Bunden District, Switzerland, married 17 Oct 1820, in Wickham,Que, Catarina Barbara Flaxman, born Germany, arrived 17 Mar 1817,Grantham, Near Drummondville, Que. Sylvestre died 19 Jul 1824, Wickham, by the falling of a tree, Buried on 24 Jul 1824, in Wickham, Que, On 10 May 1811, he joined Regiment De Meuron, Switzerland and arrived in Canada in 1813.
    I. Jacob Godfrey Mastine born 4 May 1824, Wickham, Que, married 12 Jul 1850, in St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, Charlotte Wentworth, born 15 Oct 1830, St. Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey),Que, (Daughter Of Alpha Wentworth And Charlotte Blake) died 16 Jun 1904, Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. Jacob died 27 Aug 1904, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que.
      A. Sylvester Mastine born 15 Sep 1852, married 22 Dec 1873, in Melbourne, Que, Sarah Elizabeth Andrews, born 21 Jan 1853, Charlestown, Middlesex, Ma, died 7 Jan 1938, Quebec, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. Sylvester died 6 Mar 1940, Quebec, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. B. Oscar Mastine born 26 Feb 1853, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, married Dora Townes, born 18 Mar 1863, St. Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey),Que, died 27 Nov 1930. Oscar died 31 May 1934, St. Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey),Que. C. George Melzer Mastine born 16 Dec 1855, St. Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey),Que, married 03 Nov 1875, Henriette Raymond. D. Raymond Mastine born 20 Nov 1857, married 20 Nov 1882, in L'Avenir, Que, Melecee Jane (Jenny) Demanche, died 15 Sep 1935. Raymond died 29 Aug 1932, L'Avenir, Que. E. Nelson Albert Mastine born 10 May 1860, Wickham, Que, married 20 Oct 1886, in Acton Vale, Que, Matilda Jane "Tilly" Wentworth, born 18 Jan 1869, Acton Vale, Que, (Daughter Of Royal Wentworth And Harriet Amelia Brock) died 11 Mar 1929, St. Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey),Que, buried in 13 Mar 1929, Maplewood Cemetery, St. Felix, Que. Nelson died 2 Jan 1940, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Kingsey. F. Joseph Henry Mastine born 25 Jan 1861, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, married 07 Oct 1886, in Acton Vale, Que, Amelia Margaret Wright, born 29 May 1868, L'Avenir, Que, died 1950, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. Joseph died 22 Apr 1953, Drummondville, Que, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. G. Rosanna Dora Mastine born 03 Sep 1866, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, married 20 Oct 1886, William Henry Patrick, born 11 Mar 1864, Quebec, Canada, died 11 Nov 1944, Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. Rosanna died 18 Jan 1922, buried in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que. H. Jacob Arthur Mastine born 15 Jan 1868, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, married 03 May 1917, in Denison's Mills,(Near Richmond), Que, Jessie Edwina Searle, born 29 Apr 1895. Jacob died 3 Dec 1926, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que. I. William Mastine born 3 Oct 1871, married 27 Jun 1900, Florence Elizabeth Wright, born 1874, died 1929, Montreal, Que. William died Richmond, Que. J. Leah Jane "Jennie" Mastine born 1874, married 11 Feb 1905, in St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que, Omer Chainé. Jennie died 10 Feb 1960, St.Felix De Kingsey, (Kingsey), Que.

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